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The Sandwich Hall of Fame

#1 The Italian Stallion

A nice French roll lightly toasted with a spritz of balsamic vinegar, lean cured ham, dry salami, melted provolone cheese and a dash of parmesan. A scosh of brown mustard and mayo with lettuce, onion, tomato and diced pepperoncinis to finish this masterpiece.

#2 Da Paisano

Freshly toasted sliced sourdough, smoked turkey with melted provolone. Dressed with pesto, mayo, tomatoes, red onions and a leaf of romaine. Mangare!

#3 The Club

A real classic. Rich bacon tops our smoked turkey adorned with melted cheddar. Load it up with thinly sliced red onion, fresh tomatoes and a leaf of romaine to cover all the basic food groups. Put it on lightly toasted sourdough gently kissed with mayo and brown mustard.

#4 Can you say Reuben?

Melted provolone and hot pastrami with sauerkraut on toasted rye, with thousand island. OR Try the Managers Special by putting it on Sourdough with brown mustard & horseradish with onion, tomato and diced pepperoncinis. Maybe a leaf of lettuce to move things along.

#5 What the ‘ell is an Ellibee?

A sandwich for the more sensitive palate. Our smoked turkey breast combined with a cured ham with a dash of black pepper. Not to overwhelm the flavors we have, provolone to accentuate. Add Lettuce, tomatoes and onions and your mouth will be reborn, can I get an Amen?

#6 The Power “I”

Lightly toasted sliced sourdough with a schmear of our chicken salad on one side. Bacon, jalapeños and ham assault your buds next.A few slices of pepper jack, then we start on the veggies, red onion, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes. This‘ll get your mouth in gear.

#7 The Med(iterranean)

Toasted, crunchy whole wheat with hummus & pepper jack cheese melted over smoked turkey breast is our focus. Throw all the veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, onion and cucumber). Add Balsamic oil and vinegar and some ranch and you have a superior wich

#8 The Crazy Chicken

Lightly toasted sourdough, our fabulous chicken salad, diced jalapenos and jack cheese make this sammie a timeless classic. Can’t go wrong with a leaf of lettuce and tomato on this loco pollo.

Breakfasts (til 11am)

Egg Muffin


Egg, Meat, Cheese, English Muffin


Eggel Sandwich


Egg, Butter, Meat, Cheese, Bagel




Croissant, Egg, Butter, Cheese & Meat


Egg Manwich


Full size bread, double egg, double meat


Breakfast Burrito


Potatoes, eggs, salsa, meat n cheese


Bad Ass Coffee

12oz 16oz 20oz
Coffee 2.00 2.50 3.00
Latte/Cap 3.00 3.50 4.25
Mocha/Van Latte 3.75 4.25 4.95
Chai Latte 4.00 4.50 5.00
Hot Chocolate 3.50 4.00 4.50
Hot Tea 3.00 3.50 N/A
Extra Espresso .75 1.25 N/A
Add Flavor .75 1.25 1.75
Soy or Almond Milk .75

Single Dopio Trip Quad
Espresso 1.75 2.25 2.95 3.50
Flavors - Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Coconut, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Almond, Raspberry, Peppermint, Pumpkin, Maple, Praline.

Create Your Own - $9.99

We offer premium meats, cheeses and breads from such companies as Stone Ground of Salt Lake. So let us take your favorite sandwich to the next level.


Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef, Salami, Pastrami, Cured Ham and Chicken Salad, Bacon


Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Provolone, Monterey Jack & Parmesan


Sliced Sourdough, Ground Wheat, Marble Rye, French Roll or Buttery Croissant

Standard Condiments

Mayonnaise, Deli Mustard, Lettuce, Onion and Tomato


Horseradish, Hummus, Ranch, Thousand, Roquefort, Veggies, Pesto,  Oil & Vinegar, Jalapeños, Pickle Relish, Ketchup, Salt & Pepper, Worcestershire sauce.


Seasonal; TriTip Chili, Chicken N Dumpling, Baked Potato, Tuscan Minestrone, Southwestern Chicken n Rice. (Call for current soup)


Garden Salad - $9.99

All the veggies in the house
Add Chicken - $3.00

Caesar Salad - $9.99

Romaine, Croutons, Parmesan
Add Chicken - $3.00

Chicken Salad - $11.99

Romaine, craisins, pepper jack w/chix sal

Triumph Salad - $12.99

Chef Salad with a small scoop of chix sal


Pacific Rim Wrap


Chopped romaine,roma tomatoes, sweet red onions, chicken, craisins and sesame ginger dressing


Chick Caesar Wrap


Chopped lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, peppercinis, house caesar dressing and parmesan


Southwestern Turkey Wrap


Chopped lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, fresh avocado, smoked turkey, jack cheese and a pico ranch dressing


BBQ Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Chopped chicken with a BBQ buffalo sauce, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppercinis, jack cheese and ranch dressing.


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